• What is Motherhuts? What can people do on Motherhuts?

             Motherhuts is a home-cooked meal ordering and delivery platform. Anyone who has a passion for cooking can become a home chef on Motherhuts and start earning by selling their yummy dishes. 


  • Can I be a normal user and a chef?

            Yes, absolutely. Every chef is a customer as well. You as a chef can also order dishes from other chefs.


  • How much does it cost to become a chef?

            We take no charges from the chef to register on the platform. It’s absolutely free to register on the platform. 


  • What all can I cook? What can I put up on the menu?

            Absolutely anything and everything. The only exception lies in beverages containing alcohol, these are strictly prohibited.


  • How do the packing and delivery work?

           As a chef, all you have to do is make your dish and we will take care of packaging and delivery for you. When you register yourself as a chef on Motherhuts, you also tell us what packaging you will require from a section within the app. We get your desired packaging delivered to you within 48 hours. 

When an order is placed, you pack your food in these boxes and hand it over to our delivery executive who then delivers it to the customer.


  • How will I get my payments?

          When you register as a chef on our platform, you will be asked to put in your bank account details. Once an order is successfully delivered to a customer, we will directly transfer your earnings into your bank account. You should get your payments in a time period no longer than a day.


  • What are the standard delivery timings?

           The delivery for lunch is between 1 pm to 3 pm. For dinner, the usual delivery is between 7 pm to 9 pm.


  • Can lunch and dinner be delivered to two different addresses?

           Yes, you can get lunch and dinner delivered to two different addresses. Each meal plan requires a unique subscription, thereby making it possible to get your meals delivered to different addresses.


  • Can we choose our own delivery dates?

           You can choose the delivery dates within the validity period of your lunch/dinner subscription plan. For instance, a 5-day meal plan has a validity of 10 days, which means you can opt for any five days for delivery within the 10-day validity period.